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06722-Source not included in list despite source list requirement

更新日期:2012-07-04  作者:陆迎春

Source not included in list despite source list requirement

Message no. 06722


A source list requirement is defined for this plant. This means that the source of supply must be entered in the source list of the material/plant combination before you can procure this material using this source of supply.


Check the plant you entered for the item.

Maintain the source of supply in the source list for this material/plant combination:

1. Select the item.

2. Select Environment -> Source list.

3. Enter the corresponding material and plant.

4. Maintain the data for the source of supply and then select Save.

5. Select Mark in order to get the data for the purchase order that was created.

6. Exit the purchase order and restart the SAP ordering transaction.

7. Select Check.


The SAP ordering transaction must be restarted for technical reasons so that the system can read the source list entry.





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