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29118-:Material type TROH cannot be used with item category L (plant 1111)

更新日期:2011-12-23  作者:陆迎春

Material type TROH cannot be used with item category L (plant 1111)
Message no. 29118

You want to enter a new component with the material type TROH and the item category L.

Settings in Customizing for Production (Basic Data -> Bill of Material -> Item Data -> Define Item Categories) specify that inventory management based on quantity is to be carried out for this item category.
However, since settings in Customizing for Logistics - General (Material Master -> Basic Settings -> Material Types -> Define Attributes of Material Types) specify that no quantities will be updated in the material master for the material type TROH in the plant 1111, you cannot enter this material with the item category L.

Check your entry for the item category.
You use the item category non-stock item (no inventory management) to enter the following materials:
Material with a material type that supports configuration
Pipeline material that can be taken from a pipeline at any time
If you must enter the material with the item category L, consult the departments responsible for maintaining item categories and for materials management. The settings may also need to be checked.

the question happened on cs01/cs02

active the quality and value updating for plant

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