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SAP NetWeaver主要包括以下组件:

(1)Team productivity团队生产

SAP NetWeaver supports a variety of user interfaces and collaboration tools. you can accommodate different work styles and roles for best user experience with:

* SAP NetWeaver portal to provide role-based views that span your enterprise, enabling everyone to take full advantage of information resources

SAP NetWeaver portal提供一个扩展整个企业,让每个人可以充分利用信息资源的,基于角色的视图。

* SAP NetWeaver mobile to enable mobile workers to respond quickly

SAP NetWeaver mobile能让移动工作者更快的响应。

* SAP NetWeaver enterprise search to provide a simple and secure gateway to enterprise information and processes

SAP NetWeaver enterpriseseach 提供一个获取企业信息和处理流程的简单又安全的途径

(2)Information mgmt信息管理

with SAP NetWeaver you can accelerate access to business information to improve decision making. you can deliver business information to the right people at the right time with:

* SAP NetWeaver master data management to support customer data integration, global spend analysis, global data synchronization, product content management, mergers, and acquisitions

SAP NetWeaver master data management支持集成的客户数据、全球扩展的分析、全球数据同步、产品内容管理、移植和购买。

* SAP NetWeaver business warehouse to enable a scalable enterprise data warehouse

SAP NetWeaver business warehouse 能够提供一个可扩展的企业数据仓库。

* SAP NetWeaver business warehouse accelerator to accelerate the results of queries or searches while lowering the cost of operations, even as data volumes and number of users increase

SAP NetWeaver business warehouse accelerator用于加速查询或者搜索的结果,并且使用耕地的运行成本,即便用户数和数据行增加。

* SAP information lifecycle management to manage access, storage, and retention of data from legacy SAP systems, while complying with legal and regulatory mandates

SAP information lifecycle management 用于管理登陆,存储和遗留系统数据的保留,同时遵从法律和通常的授权。

(3)Bus. process mgmt业务流程管理

with SAP NetWeaver, you can create and adapt business processes and business rules for higher levels of flexibility while reducing risks and costs. as an integral part of the SAP NetWeaver composition environment, these business process management offerings enable a coherent development experience:

* SAP NetWeaver business process management to model and execute processes in order to achieve enhanced responsiveness to changing business needs and reduce cost of handling exceptions

SAP NetWeaver business process management可以为达到对业务需要的改变和减少异常情况处理的成本的加强的响应建立和执行相关的流程。

* SAP NetWeaver business rules management to create and maintain business rules to ensure that processes conform to business policies

SAP NetWeaver business rules management用于创建和维护确保业务政策得到遵守的业务规则。

(4)Composition 组合环境

with SAP NetWeaver, you can use a model-driven composition environment to develop or update applications that support flexible business processes. you can also use SAP NetWeaver to monitor and manage business processes to improve process quality and efficiency. compose or update applications to support flexible business processes with:


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