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物料主数据-Fixed-Price Co-Product

更新日期:2012-05-27  作者:陆大春

物料主数据-Fixed-Price Co-Product


Fixed-Price Co-Product

indicates the material as a fixed price co-product.


A material marked as a fixed price co-product is not costed using a joint production process.

If the material is an output material of a process with several co-products, the costs for the fixed price co-product are taken from the process costs using the net realizable-value method.


Set this indicator if the material is a co-product, but the costs are not to be determined using an apportionment method; instead, a preset price is to be used for the material.

The price for the fixed price co-product is taken from a cost estimate without quantity structure; alternatively, a price from the material master is used.


You can only set this indicator if you have also set the co-product indicator for the material.

Fixed-price co-products are shown in the itemization as items of category M (not A, as is the case with normal co-products), albeit with negative quantities and values.


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