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  • T706_DEFAULTTEXT: Names of Reference Texts for Entering Trips
  • T706_ABWH: Absence Types from Place of Work (PS; Separation Allowance)
  • T706F1: Cumulation Procedure Dependent on Vehicle Type/Class
  • T706FORM_FIXTXTS: Fixed texts (language-dependent)
  • T706_CONSTTEXT: Names of Accounting Constants for Travel Expenses
  • T706V: Trip Provision: Meals Per-diem/Maximum Amount by Hours
  • T706W: Names for vehicle classes
  • T706WWW: HTML Links and File Paths
  • T706S: Trip Schema
  • T706T: Names for trip schema
  • T706J: Name for enterprise-specific for meals/acc.
  • T706R: Names for trip activity types
  • T706P: Date Interval for Miles/Kms Accumulation
  • T706X: Names for enterprise-specific trip types
  • T706FORM_VAR: Form variant
  • T706_CITY_CD_D: Definition: City Codes / Community Code No., Date-Dependent
  • T702J: Enterprise-spec.Reimbursement Groups for Meals/Accomm.
  • T706WWW_TXT: Text Table HTML Links and File Paths
  • T702N: Trip Provision Variants
  • T702P: Reimbursement Groups for Travel Costs/Add.Flat Rate Types
  • T706N: Names for trip provision variants
  • T706T_ABWH: Texts for Absence Types (PS Separation Allowance)
  • T706U: Trip Provision: Per Diem for Accommodations
  • T706ESS2: Travel Expenses Customizing for ESS Scenario
  • T702_BEREI_REL: Assignment of Trip Types Enterprise-Specific (PS AT)
  • T706F: Trip Provision: Flat Rates for Travel Costs
  • T706FORM_BLK_HDL: Form block titles
  • T706FORM_VAR_TXT: Form variant (language-dependent)
  • T706B4: Travel Expense Types: Assignment of Wage Types
  • T702Q: Name: Reimburs.Group for Travel Costs/Add.Flat Rate Types
  • T702V: Calc.Guide Lines for Scaling Meals PD/Max.Amounts by Hours
  • T702W: Vehicle Classes
  • T706_LGART: Wage Type Assignmt Table for Clearing Add.Amts/Inc.Rel Exp.
  • T702A: Employee Grouping for Travel Expense Type
  • T706K: Initial Account Assignment for FI
  • T702K: Service provider
  • T706A: Trip Provision Deduction Amount/Percentage
  • T706B1: Travel Expense Types
  • T702L: Name of Service Provider
  • T702C: Name for Employee Grouping for Travel Expense Type
  • T702H: Caculation Guide Lines: Meals PD/Max.Amounts Scaled by Time
  • T706B2: Travel Expense Types: Default Value/Maximum Amounts
  • T702Y: Employee Groupings for Travel Management
  • T702E: Vehicle Types
  • T702R: Trip Activity Types
  • T706D: Default Values for Dialog
  • T706E: Names for vehicle types
  • T702B: Credit Card Clearing Assignment Table
  • T702I: Statutory Reimbursement Groups for Meals/Accommodations
  • T702O: Trip country/Trip region/Trip country group
  • T706Y: Names for Employee Groupings for Travel Management
  • T702X: Enterprise-specific Trip Types
  • T706I: Name for statutory reimbursement group for meals/accomm.
  • T706H: Trip Provision:Per-diem/Maximum Amount for Meals by Time
  • T706L: Assignment of Trip Country - Country Group - Region
  • T706Z1: Single Field Control for Dialog
  • T706O: Names for Trip Country/Trip Country Group/Trip Region
  • T706FORM_FIXTXT: Fixed texts
  • T706G: Names for statutory trip types
  • T706M: Input Tax for International Per Diems
  • T706Z1_TXT: Text table: Individual Field Control for Dialog
  • T706FORM_FLDS: Information in fixed positions
  • T706FORM_BLKATTR: Form block attributes
  • T706FORM_BLKHDLS: Form block titles
  • T706FORM_CLMATTR: Suppressable columns per block
  • T706FORM_BCKGRND: Form background
  • T706_CONST: PA parameters: Travel Management
  • T702G: Statutory trip types
  • T706B5: Names for Travel Expense Types
  • T706B4_ALTERN: Travel Expense Type: Alternative Assignment of Wage Types
  • T706_TEXTNAMES: Names of Reference Texts for Entering Trips
  • T706Q: Names for period indicator for miles/kms accumulation

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