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更新日期:2012-07-08  作者:陆大春

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note 950773 - newgl: clearing lines with activated document breakdown

note language: version: 2 validity: valid since 22.05.2006

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during the clearing, a clearing document is created. this

document contains posting items, which was not expected.

other terms

new general ledger accounting, new general ledger, bstat = a, bkpf-bstat , fb05, fb1k, fb1s, fb1d, online splitter

reason and prerequisites

prerequisite: the document breakdown is activated in the new general ledger.

reason: the problem is caused by the design of the system.


although in the items to be cleared, the fields of structure kontab_1st are identical, the system does not create a clearing document without posting items. due to technical reasons, the system always creates a clearing document with posting items.

the following example demonstrates why clearing lines are necessary:

open items

entry view (table bseg accounting document segment):

doc no item d/c amount account assignment (e.g. profit center)

10000 001 d 100,00

10001 001 c 100,00-

general ledger view:

due to the document breakdown, 2 items were

created for document 100000. the following items exist in the general ledger view (table faglflexa general ledger: actual line items):

doc no item d/c amount account assignment bseg doc no item

2000000 000001 d 40,00 pc1 10000 001

2000000 000002 d 60,00 pc2 10000 001

2000001 000001 c 100,00- pc3 10001 001

clearing without line items

during the clearing without clearing lines, only a document header would be created in the entry view for clearing document 11000. in the general ledger, the following line items are created:

doc no item d/c amount account assignment bseg doc no item

2100000 000001 c 40,00- pc1 11000 ???

2100000 000002 c 60,00- pc2 11000 ???

2100000 000003 d 100,00 pc3 11000 ???

the line items in the general ledger view do not have any reference to

a line item in the entry view (bseg).

reset cleared items

if you reset cleared items (transaction fbra), no document is created in the entry view! in the general ledger view, however, only clearing document 2100000 is be reversed. in this case, transaction fbra should post a document in the general ledger without a document in the entry view! a document in the general ledger view without a corresponding document in the recording view, however, is not possible! this is due to both technical (document number assignment) and accounting-related ("no posting without document") reasons.

clearing with line items

in the entry view, you create clearing document 11000 with line items.

doc no item d/c amount account assignment (e.g. profit center)

11000 001 c 100,00-

11000 002 d 100,00


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