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更新日期:2014-05-10  作者:陆大春

SAP Table

1UCMI200Selected Items: Cross-Functional
2UCMI20CSelected Items: Check Table
3UCMI20TSelected Items: Text Table
4UCMI210Selected Items: Consolidation of Investments
5UCML000Monitor Layouts: Properties
6UCML00CMonitor Layouts
7UCML00TMonitor Layouts: Name
8UCM0030Consolidation Area: Characteristics and Key Figures
9UCM0014Data Basis: Display and Selection Attributes
10UCM0015Additional Data Streams of Data Basis
11UCM0016Data Basis: Source Data Bases
12UCMI201Selected Items: Document Type-depende
13UCM001TData Basis Name
14UCM002CData Stream of Consolidation
15UCM003TConsolidation Area Name
16UCM0031Consolidation Area: Permanent Parameters
17UCM0033Consolidation Area: Properties
18UCM003CConsolidation Area
19UCML10CMonitor: Hierarchy-dependent Status Display
20UCMT00TPeriod Category Group: Name
21UCM002SData Stream of Consolidation: Surrogate ID
22UCMD01CSEM-BCS: Translation Assignment
23UCMD01TSEM-BCS: Texts for Translation Assignment
24UCMD02CAutomatic Line Item
25UCML020Monitor Layouts: Row Characteristics
26UCMV01CSEM-BCS: Special Versions
27UCMD03CC/I: Treatment of Goodwill
28UCM0010Data Streams of the Data Basis
29UCM100GExplicit Values: GUID
30UCM100TExplicit Values: Text
31UCM2000Default Values
32UCM2010Default Values
33UCM201CDefault Values
34UCM600COrganizational Change Number
35UCM600TOrganizational Change Number
36UCM6011OC Number: Sender/Receiver Rel.
37UCM6100Organizational Change: Top Nodes
38UCM610COrganizational Change: Top Nodes
39UCMD00TSEM-BCS: Texts for Posting Level
40UCMA10TType of Assets/Liabilities
41UCMT100Cons Frequency: Periods
42UCMA101Type of Asset/Liability: Consolidation Frequency
43UCMA10CType of Assets/Liabilities
44UCM001CData Basis of Consolidation
45UCMI220Selected Items: Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory
46UCM0011Data Basis: Subassignments, Fixed in Breakdown Category
47UCM1001Explicit Values: Values
48UCM0001Consolidation: General Settings: Changes
49UCM0013Data Basis: Optional Fields, Contained in Data Stream
50UCM001SData Basis of Consolidation: Surrogate ID
51UCM002TData Stream Name
52UCM0032Consolidation Area: Restrictions
53UCM1000Explicit Values: Field Catalog
54UCMT10CConsolidation Frequency
55UCM_S_OC_BUFFEROC: Buffer for Sender/Receiver Rels
56UCM0000Consolidation: General Settings
57UCMD03TC/I: Treatment of Goodwill (Text)
58UCMD04CDirection Indicator for Elimination of Investment Income
59UCMD04TDirection Indicator for Elim. of?Investment Income: Text
60UCMI100Breakdown Categories: Breakdown Info per Subassignment
61UCMI10CBreakdown Categories
62UCMT01CPeriod Category
63UCMT01TPeriod Category: Name
64UCMV01SSEM-BCS: Special Versions: Surrogate ID
65UCML010Monitor Layouts: Header Characteristi
66UCML040Monitor Layouts: Task Sequence
67UCML100Monitor: Hierarchy-dependent Status Display
68UCMP000Perm. Parameters: Current Cons Area
69UCMP020Perm. Parameters: Char.Values per Cons Area
70UCMT010Period Category: Periods
71UCMT00CPeriod Category Group
72UCML030Monitor Layouts: Column Characteristi
73UCMT10TCons Frequency: Name
74UCMV01TSEM-BCS: Special Versions: Name
75UCM6010Organizational Change Number: Relevant Cons Unit
76UCM0012Data Basis: Allocation Characteristics
77UCMA100Type of Assets/Liabilities: Posting Items
78UCMD02TAutomatic Posting Line Item (Text)
79UCMI10TBreakdown Categories: Name
80UCMD00CSEM-BCS: Posting Level


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