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SAP ECCS Configuration and Manual

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SAP CS Configuration & Operation

SAP CS Configuration & Operation

About CS
In order to use CS, you must configure FI system.

No. Table name Short Description Memo
TF150 Dimensions Dimensions
TF200 Consolidation Versions
T881 Ledger Master CS Ledger,Text table:T881T(FI-SL Ledger text)
TF120 Consolidation Charts of Accounts CS COA,Text table: TF121 (Consolidation Charts of Accounts: Description)

TF180 Consolidation Groups TF181(Consolidation Groups: Texts)
TF160 Consolidation Units TF161(Consolidation Units: Texts)
TF189 Assignment of CG/CU, Version- and Period-Dependent Hierarchy Structure
TF190 Hierarchies Just top hierarchy of a dimension.TF191(Hierarchies: texts)
TF100 Financial Statement Items FS Items.TF101(FS Items: Short and Medium Texts)

TF110 Subitem Categories TF111( Subitem Categories: Description)
TF115 Subitems TF116(bitems: Short and Medium Texts)

TF500 Document Types
TF540 Consolidation Tasks
TF542 Consolidation Tasks, Version-Dependent
TF230 Task Versions
TF570 Tasks for Manual Posting - Document Type Assignments
TF543 Consolidation Tasks: Assignments of Methods and Doc.Types

TF530 Task Groups Define Data Monitor Task Group.text table:TF531(Task Groups: Name)
TF532 Task Groups: Task Assignments Assign Task to Task group.
TF155 Dimensions: Assign Task Groups Assign Data Monitor Task Group to Dimension.

SETHEADER Set Header and Directory Text table(SETHEADERT: Short Description of Sets)
The set class include:
0301 EC-CS Cons. Unit Set
0302 EC-CS FS Item Set
0303 EC-CS FS Subitem Set

SETLEAF Values in Sets Text table(SETLINET: Short Description of Set Line)

ECMCA SAP Cons.: Journal Entry Table (Actual) CS document header and Line Item
ECMCT SAP Cons.: Totals Table

TF640 Fair Value Adjustments
TF695 Selected Items for Consolidation of Investments

TF696 Posting Items for the Equity Method
TF665 Scope of Reported Data for the Equity Method TF666(Scope of Reported Data for Equity Method - Descriptions)

TF212 Versions for Selected FS Items TF213(Selected Item Versions: Description)


About document type
There are some document types for consolidation,they include manual and automatic, the document type all belong to a business application,the business application decide a document type which kind of business a document type can deal with.

About task
What the task can deal with is decided by task category. Some task category include task version(TF540 and TF542).
The task version can be assigned to one or more CS version.
Main task category include:

04 manual posting No version
10 Interunit elimination have version


FI Configuration

Company id

Assign company to company id

Assign company code to field Status Variant

Assign company code to fiscal year variant

Assign company code to posting period variants

Define COA for FI

Assign company code to COA

SAP CS Configuration
Master data
Define Dimensions
Use standard dimension "01".

Define Version
Use system version "100".

Define Ledgers

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